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Julie C. – Aurora, OH

This is the best money I have ever spent!! The transformation on our garage was outstanding and didn't take a ton of time. Working with Nancy is life changing!

Lee T. – Twinsburg, OH

Nancy's warm, personable personality helps create an environment where it becomes easier to make difficult decisions and to find the freedom to let go of your clutter. Her organizational skills are excellent and she will [...]

Caroline W. – Shaker Heights, OH

Nancy helped me organize my home office and my basement storage room. We sorted through old papers, photographs, art supplies and office supplies. She helped me get rid of the clutter and gain peace of [...]

Sherri P. – Strongsville, OH

My three hours with Nancy were the most productive I have had in quite a while! She helped me to unpack the last of the boxes from our move, which were just stashed in our [...]

Seth G. – Akron, OH

Nancy was great to work with and our house looks great! She helped us focus on what was important and work efficiently. Our kitchen and dining room are both much nicer to be in now, [...]

Jessica. – Akron, OH

I had been struggling to have the energy to go through all the stuff I had accumulated over the past 15 years. My home stopped being a home and had turned into a storage area [...]

J. – Bentleyville, OH

Nancy is great to work with! She is practical, nonjudgmental, and fun to be with. Some of my organizing projects have been a bit overwhelming and she turns them into step-by-step do-able projects. Nancy is [...]

Joanie M. – Brecksville, OH

Nancy helped us put together our kitchen from top to bottom! Between organizing and decluttering, everything found a perfect spot. She also gave our pantry a major overhaul- cleaned, organized, threw out... and months later [...]

Rachel C. – Sagamore Hills, OH

We know what to do but actually doing it is an adventure in itself.  Raising two strong and opinionated daughters can derail a de-cluttering project very quickly.  Nancy has introduced a new level of calmness [...]

Marilyn B. – Lyndhurst, OH

Great day organizing and downsizing today with R2B. I just sat in the little room we worked on today and admired the room we easily completed in just over 2 hours! Nancy is a pleasure [...]

Andy B. – Pepper Pike, OH

Nancy came to help organize my home office and closet.  I was so surprised to see how much stuff we were able to get rid of that I really didn't need or want.  She kept [...]

Heather S. – Reminderville, OH

Nancy has been just what we needed.  We had the desire to get rid of the clutter, but didn’t know where to start.  Nancy politely lead us and helped us accomplish what we didn’t on [...]

Sarah L. – Brunswick, OH

Nancy worked right along side me on our garage for hours! It was great to have her give me ideas of how to organize things and what to purge. She even took some of my [...]

Jennifer P. – Twinsburg, OH

Thank you to Nancy at Room to Breathe Home Organizing LLC. She worked with me for 5 hours in my basement to organize the things we can’t part with just yet. Now we have extra [...]

Debby L. – Macedonia, OH

I recently took advantage of Nancy’s 4 hour Garage clean out special and I am SO GLAD I did. The job went so smoothly and quickly (we finished 30 min early) thanks to Nancy keeping [...]

Mandie V. – Streetsboro, OH

Nancy was so great! I set her up for a BIG challenge and she handled it gracefully and better than I could have ever had...she helped my 16 year old clean and completely organize her [...]

Rebecca D. – Twinsburg, OH

I was mortified for Nancy to see my garage! We couldn't park, walk, move...Within 4 hours, I was truly amazed. I have space! I can park! And she's just fun to work with thank you [...]

Karen L. – Valley View, OH

Nancy put my 11 year old to work and together they got his room organized. He was ready, but it was so overwhelming to us both. It's great there is someone who helps and encourages, [...]

Christy H. – Hudson, OH

Thank God for Nancy! She is fun and easy to work with. There was a lot to do....but Nancy completed the task quicker than I had expected and made it painless. She exceeded my expectations. [...]

Chris P. – Mentor, OH

Nancy is incredible.. hard working but emotionally savvy. I needed to clear the attic of accumulated things from twenty years. My husband passed away and it was time. Nancy physically cleared things away, helped me [...]

Jennifer B. – Twinsburg, OH

Nancy is professional, hard working and dedicated! The task of organizing my art studio was daunting but Nancy went above and beyond the call of duty. From helping sort through what to keep and what [...]

Courtney W. – Northfield, OH

Nancy did an awesome job. She was very professional. She worked with me to help purge what needed to go and make sure that everything that stayed had a place. My bookshelf is now more [...]

Cynthia K. – Twinsburg, OH

What an awesome difference so glad I made the commitment to get my stuff organized. Nancy gave me motivation and support to do what I needed to do!!

Marybeth Z. – Westlake, OH

This was one of the best things you can do for yourself. Nancy is great. She gives you practical advice and solutions to keep your space and your life organized. Would highly recommend.

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