Nancy was a God-sent angel for me.
My brother died suddenly & unexpectedly at his home in Middleburg Height Ohio. I live in Minnesota and was recovering from ACL surgery and on a walker. Our Mother had died shortly before this and my brother had her things at his place. I called many companies but all they were willing to do was empty out the apartment and take everything and charge me a high sum of money.
I’m not even sure how I finally found Nancy. She was so kind and understanding and said that this was something she could help me with.
She took care of everything! She and her team sorted and sent me pictures of everything and let me decide what to donate, sell, ship to me, etc. They made arrangements for donations to the food pantry, churches, Habitat for Humanity, homeless shelters, and on and on. Exactly what my brother would have wanted. They also safely packed the items important to me and shipped them to MN. Nancy’s compassion and understanding were beyond what I could have hoped for. No judgment, just care and calm when I needed it the most.
The team works quickly and the cost was very reasonable
I very highly recommend Nancy Bender and Room to Breathe Home Organizing LLC in the Cleveland OH area!