Residential Organizing

Hands -on organizing assistance for all areas of the home. We will sort through items and decide on keep. We will set up organizational systems that work best for your life. Facilitate donations.

Office Organizing

We will sort through items and decide on keep or donate. We will set up organizational systems that maximize space and save money. Facilitate donations.

Merging Households

We will determine how space can best be used for all of those involved. We will decide what to keep and what to donate based on lifestyle, needs and goals. Facilitate donations.


We will sort through decades of memories making decisions and deciding which items are worth taking to your new home. Facilitate donations.

Space Planning

We will define the function of each room. We will design a space that allows maximum use and efficiency.

Paper Management

We will sort paper deciding what to keep and what to recycle or shred. We will set up effective filing systems and create mail and bill paying systems. Shredding can be added for an additional fee.

Preparing for Baby

We will decide how best to use the space to accommodate the new addition to your family. We will set up furniture and accessories.

Moving Assistance

We will edit belongings, deciding what to pack and what to donate. Unpack belongings and find them a place in your new home.

*We do not offer packing services.


Click below to view/print a comprehensive document entailing what to do with recyclables, and donations.

Donation & Pick-Up