Toss It Tuesday Weekly Video Series

#9 – Toss It Tuesday – Continued

#8 – Toss It Tuesday – Continued

#7 – Toss It Tuesday – Continued

#6 – Toss It Tuesday – Continued

#5 – Toss It Tuesday – Continued

#4 – Toss It Tuesday – Continued

#3 – Toss It Tuesday – Continued

#2 – Toss It Tuesday – Continued

#1 – Toss It Tuesday – Kickoff

Who’s in?

Ask an Organizer Weekly Video Series

#37 – Thanksgiving Greetings

Nancy shares her Thanksgiving greetings.

#36 – Close it up.

Nancy suggests alternatives to the chip clip.

#35 – The pile that never ends.

Nancy offers help tackling the never ending papers.

#34 – Go for the rainbow.

Nancy explains why using color folders saves time and frustration.

#33 -Adjust those shelves.

Nancy explains how to maximize your kitchen cupboard space.

#32 -Your task for the week.

Nancy reminds you to also purge your freezer.

#31 -Easier than you think.

Nancy provides a great dusting tip.

#30 -Purge before you pack.

Nancy discusses saving time and money when packing for a move.

#29 -Now is the time.

Nancy discusses getting the garage organized before the white stuff arrives.

#28 -All those boxes.

Nancy discusses why you do not need a stockpile.

#27 -All those books.

Nancy discusses donating the books that are no longer relevant.

#26 -Take that extra minute.

Nancy talks about the benefits of putting your clothes away immediately instead of saving the task for later.

#25 – What not to do when filing papers.

Nancy discusses what label to never use when filing papers.

#24 – Donating pricey items so that others could be blessed.

Nancy discusses her recent leave of absence and surgery as well as what to do with pricey items that you no longer have use for.

#23 – Do I need to be home during our session?

Nancy discusses whether a client will need to be home during the session.

#22 – Another way to use your refrigerators produce drawer.

Nancy discusses another way to use your refrigerators produce drawer.

#21 – What is your favorite part of your job?

Nancy discusses favorite parts of jobs.

#20 – Cleaning vs. Organizing

Nancy explains the differences between cleaning and organizing.

#19 – Take advantage of trash day.

Nancy shares how to get the most out of trash day in your area.

#18 – How to display children’s books?

Nancy shares how to display your children’s books so they are more likely to look at them.

#17 – What kind of hanger is best?

Nancy discusses what types of hanger’s are best.

#16 – Embarrassment.

Nancy discusses why it is alright to ask for help.

#15 – Setting up a playroom so your children stay and play.

Nancy explains how to set up a playroom so your children stay and play.

#14 – How long is it going to take?

Nancy explains what a Good Faith Estimate is.

#13 – What to expect?

Nancy explains what happens during the free consultation.

#12 – What exactly do you do?

Nancy explains what services she does and does not provide.

#11 – Do you follow KonMari?

Nancy shares how she stores t-shirts.

#10 – Use the bag not the floor.
Nancy shows an easy solution to taming the trash in your car.

#9 – Where did they all go?
Nancy shows how she stores her bobby pins.

#8 – What if I need to return?
Nancy shares a tip on saving receipts.

#7 – How do you stay organized?
Nancy shares tips that help her and her household run smoothly.

#6 – How many sets of sheets?
Nancy discusses how to store your bed sheets to make the best use of space

#5 – Lose The Boxes
Nancy offers suggestions on creating more room in the pantry and making breakfast a bit easier.

#4 – All Those Bags
Nancy discusses how many grocery bags you really need to keep, a clever way to store the ones you do and other options for them.

#3 – Whose socks are whose?
Nancy offers tips on storing socks, especially with multiple children in the home.

#2 – Where is the Remote?
Is your remote control always missing? Nancy gives ideas to finding your remote a home when not in use.

#1 – What Do I do With the Papers and Artwork that Comes Home From School?
Nancy offers options that help consolidate the papers into reasonably sized storage containers.

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