Wow – another miracle day with the ladies from Room To Breathe.  We had some scheduling hiccups (stupid global pandemic) but they were worth the wait.
If you are like me, you have those areas in your house that are just a constant source of low level stress / dread where you don’t ever want to open the door because it just leaves you feeling awful…   We had 3 of  those areas which were transformed into two usable rooms and a storage area we can walk into.  After the team left on Friday, my husband and I probably went back to the rooms 5 or 6 times that night to just sit on the floor, look around and say ‘Wow.’
I’m actually sitting at my mom’s old sewing table in one of those rooms typing this post feeling an incredible sense of peace and accomplishment.  (see pictures in Nancy’s post below)
It would have taken me an entire weekend to not get half as far as i did with Nancy and Brittany in 6 hours.
Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.  🙂