When my father was downsizing his home to a condo, I reached out to Nancy for her help. She was responsive and helpful, and we immediately got onto her schedule. Nancy sent us Britney and Tiffany, who truly were God sends! For 3 entire days, they were magic workers – clearing out my Dad’s entire house – going through boxes, closets, cabinets, etc. The entire process was seamless, and every day we watched the progress in awe. Everything we wanted to keep was placed neatly into boxes, the junk was removed (not as easy task), and items they could donate were taken away! They even took care of bags and bags of documents and shredded them for us. As a mother of 3 little kids, this project would’ve taken me months to complete, but their focus and hard work made our lives so easy, and we were able to get the house cleaned and put on the market in a matter of a week. I cannot thank them or recommend this company enough, and I will definitely be calling them again in the future with all of my organizing needs!