Readying Your Home for Guests this Holiday Season

Practically speaking the holiday season stretches from Halloween to New Year’s Day. Depending on your point of view that is a whole lot of bliss or stress. I hope it’s mostly bliss but chances are it’s a combination. Lots of demands are packed into a small amount of time: shopping, parties, baking, cooking, decorating and [...]

Readying Your Home for Guests this Holiday Season2018-11-07T02:46:53+00:00

Mail Madness

It arrives almost daily, around the same time usually. We are eager to go retrieve it, we welcome it into our home and just like that we dump it somewhere, usually the entry table or kitchen counter and then walk away and ignore it. We always pull out the good stuff such as a greeting [...]

Mail Madness2017-06-01T14:43:35+00:00

The Entrance

The Entrance… Have you ever opened the door to come into the house and it only opened part way because there was stuff behind the door? You know how you push on the door but it can only go so far? So you walk in and then stumble over the pile of shoes that were [...]

The Entrance2017-02-22T09:16:47+00:00
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