Junk, clutter, crap… you know what I am talking about. That stuff that denies you and your home room to breathe. The stuff that causes unwanted stress, probably a few tense moments and likely some embarrassment.

That eight inch high pile of junk mail, ads, catalogs and school papers that have been sitting on the desk growing since last August. The pile by the back door that consists of sandals and flip flops that you swore to yourself you were going to put away with the Halloween decorations. The toys, so many toys that have been dragged from the basement playroom upstairs and left in bedrooms, living areas and all over the kitchen table. The Legos, the Barbie shoes, puzzle pieces and games oh my… Not to mention the Happy Meal toys, trinkets from birthday party treat bags, the doctors treasure box and the junky little dollar toy you used as bribery so you can shop the domestics department at Target in peace.

Yea, all that, and more…

As you look around your home, sigh and say to yourself “where do I start?” have no fear, assistance has arrived.

We are going to take a journey around the house and I will provide encouragement and tips to help you conquer the clutter. I will help you decide if it should stay or it should go.

We will start small, I do not want to scare you away. I promise you can do this. I’ll be with you every step of the way.

Who is ready?

By: Nancy Bender