I lost both of my parents back to back in my late twenties. I found myself buried deep in memories and belongings my mother had saved for decades in the house she left for me, not knowing where to begin. The isolation of having to complete the task of sifting through items and emptying my mother’s house decades before my peers would have to do the same was becoming really overwhelming. In came Nancy with Room to Breathe and she dug me out of the clutter and my isolation. I cannot more loudly sing her praises. She made everything suddenly seem possible. I actually enjoy the project with her at my side. Before she came along, I could only organize for about an hour before I’d be in tears, remembering all I had lost. With Nancy, we laugh and I tell her stories about my parents and my childhood. She is so helpful and supportive. I can tell her about an item, what it meant, and give it its moment before I donate it or throw it away. She genuinely cares about who my mother was and seems to enjoy getting to know her through her belongings and the memories I share with her. I highly recommend Nancy and Room to Breathe for any household organization you need to do. She is truly an angel.