I had been struggling to have the energy to go through all the stuff I had accumulated over the past 15 years. My home stopped being a home and had turned into a storage area that I happened to eat and sleep in too! Of course it was a little embarrassing to do the walk through with Nancy at first, but she put me right at ease. I never felt like she was judging me as we mapped out a plan of action. When the day came for the actual work, again she was great! I have some back issues so it’s hard for me to do a lot of bending and going up and down stairs….she made sure I sat and would bring me items to tell her keep, give away, or trash when my energy ran low. I would recommend her to anyone who need help both in making the decisions on what to keep and for reorganizing. So far we’ve gotten through my basement (3 hours) & kitchen (5 hours). I’m slowing being able to turn my house back into a home! Next up is my living room and I can’t wait to get started.